Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Olympics Pictogram

These pictograms were intended to show smooth movements. The pictogram's border also contributes with the movement of the overall group by showing round corners instead of stoppable lines.

Cat Pictogram

I thought this was pretty neat since the cat is made of a few simple lines and you still can figure out everything it is doing just by changing the lines up.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I like this everyday, highways and somewhat nature pictograms. They are very simple and clear.
The two olympic pictograms are bold with black background and white figures along with little details, such as arms, legs and belly. You can see different lines to shape bodies. The movements are great and tells you what kind of sports displayed.

Home Appliances

What initially drew me to this particular pictogram set is how comprehensive it is. The designer, Sergiy Timashov, has many sets all depicting items one could find in any (modern) home. Every item is easily identifiable and completely relatable. There is no undo detail cluttering the images, only enough is used to show what it is exactly that we are looking at.


I found all of these pictograms on Flickr.com. I just typed "Pictogram" in the search bar.

The first one of the candies really caught my eye because I feel like the subject matter is unique. All of the images have a consistent look. I like the contrast of the thick, white lines against the black background.
This pictogram is probably my favorite as far as sports go. Its obvious what each one is trying to portray, and each human figure looks the same.
These wine glasses captured my attention because I found it creative to portray how many different wine glasses there are. They serve the same purpose but look different. I love the way each has white spots to represent a glare on the glass. I also like how the top circle of each one is colored white as well. Another aspect of the consistency is how each glass is tilted at the exact same angle. That's something I will consider with this project.

Pictogram Faces

I like this pictogram because it creatively uses only facial features to depict different dictators. Even without eyes and mouths we can easily recognize who these people are.

Pictogram System

I like this pictogram system because there is a lot of movement in each pictograph. Each one also has an interesting composition; not just a simple image in the center of the frame. There is some detail, but still very simple.

Pictogram System

The lineage simplicity of Julia Sysmalainen's system was inspired by manuscripts and has a different style that sets it apart from typical pictograms; although the style may not be suitable to all it is a distinguished from the rest.

Pictogram Systems

These are by Anthony Dimitre. I chose them mostly because of their off-beat character and how they are all completely different in terms of topic yet are all very obviously by the same artist. They fit together very well regardless of their varying genres.
These are also by Anthony Dimitre, I thought the bottom two in the set were worth posting since it is similar to what we are working on now. They are very clear and simple.

This set is from iconwerk and I really like how detailed they are while maintaining extreme simplicity. All of them are immediately identifiable.

Everyday Life Pictogram

I like this pictogram because of the lines used to produce the image. I also like the symbols represented within. For the most part, the symbols represent me and who I am as a person, because I love music and play an instrument. I consider myself a master crafter, and I also love to sail as well as nature.

Hieroglyphic Pictograms

I would like to create pictograms based off of hieroglyphics. Egyptian art is really interesting to me, and it would fun to incorporate twisted perspective in to each picture. The hieroglyphics came from karenswhimsy.com.

sample Pictogram

I like this pictogram because it is very bold, and easy to read. The symbols are clear and take up almost the entire viewable area.

Food Groups pictogram

I chose these pictograms because they all demonstrate a simple and interesting way of describing food visually. I like how the background color of the signs help enhance this design in the foreground. Finally, the signs are in a different language, yet it's still simple to understand exactly what kind of food it is.

Office Icons

What drew me to this series was how the designer created unity between the icons. All of the icons have a square shape to them, to where almost a perfect square could be drawn around each of them. I thought that it was a very smart way to unify them all in a simple way.

Laundry Pictograms

These pictograms are used in everyday life..with little regard to their meaning or purpose. They depict the universal language of laundering.

Olympic Pictogram System

This Picto system is great because...